What does it mean to be A Volunteer?


To provide adequate information, training, and assistance for the volunteer to be able to meet the responsibilities of their position.


To ensure diligent supervisory aid to the volunteer and to provide feedback on their performance.


To respect the skills, dignity, and individual needs of the volunteer, and to do our best to adjust to these individual requirements.


To be receptive to any comments from the volunteer regarding ways in which we might mutually better accomplish our respective tasks.


To treat the volunteer as an equal partner with agency staff, jointly responsible for accomplishment of the agency mission.


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Make a difference

We have had a huge expansion of volunteers and, believe it or not, we always need more. We tell our volunteers that if they can do fifth grade math then they can help with our after school tutoring. Maybe you have a gift or talent that God has given you that you can share with children. It could be piano, cooking, singing, or playing a sport. What’s most important are the smiles that you share with the children to make their days brighter by knowing that someone out there really cares. That is the job of a volunteer. However, believe it or not, we still need more volunteers. We all have 168 hours in our week; can you spend one of those with some children that need it?

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