Our Goal is to provide christmas for 550 children that are in need this year. 
Your gift of $125 will allow a child to experience the magic of Christmas. 
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Give the magic of Christmas and donate today!
Your $125 Donation allows us to give Christmas to the Coalition Kids. 

  • Buy presents for children who 
    would have gone without
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Donate via check: Coalition For Kids Attn: Shopping For Others, P.O. Box 3156, Johnson City, TN 37604. 

Questions? Please contact Erin Bloomer, Event Coordinator - (423) 434-2031 ext. 835 or email ebloomer@coalitionforkids.org

Join us this Christmas, giving in the spirit that says...

"the world will be changed by our children, and I want to be part of that change through my giving."

May your Christmas be filled with joy, grace, and the everlasting of God. 

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From Randy, the C4K Founder...


In 1999, we had 25 kids to serve that lived in one apartment complex. Today the kids we will be serving at Christmas who will not have Christmas without us is approximately 550.

I could say that number over, over, and over and it still not sink in; the impact that is taking place through the Coalition For Kids work.

I am in awe at Gods favor over this ministry as we currently serve over 800 kids a day in 19 schools and God has supplied our needs for 24 consecutive years.

When I think of the GRACE of GOD, the words “enormous”, “overwhelming”, “magnanimous” come to mind.

Does the word “strategy” or “plan” ever come to mind? For us to serve, feed, educate and pray for 800 children a day requires tremendous strategy and planning. And the only way that we can provide all that is by the GRACE of GOD.

If you just read this and you agree, say Amen, and read on.

I believe we have similar foundational beliefs... We need God in our lives, and we need God to direct us as we raise children in this world. This world is not the way I had wished it would be at this point, but I do believe that God is still on the throne and is still in charge and that we are with Him. Because we are either with Him or against Him and I say again “We are with Him”.

Our goal is to provide Christmas for 550 children who are in need this year.
Your gift of $125 will allow a child to experience the magic of Christmas.

I believe our future is in how we take care of our children, and I am committed to serving you through serving the children. I am committed to making sure every child we come in contact with is given a strong foundation of faith, the ability to read, and the knowledge that someone loves them and is praying for them. That’s a real difference.

Let’s be honest, many of us give way too much to those that have way too much... let’s change that habit and this year show our faith through our giving and trust us (staff at C4K) as we walk in faith trusting God to direct our steps sharing the love of Jesus to our children and their families through Christmas and the grace that Christmas stands for.

No child deserves to be left behind, join me in a small way (or large) to make that difference come true. Join me this Christmas, giving in the spirit that says... “the world will be changed by our children, and I want to be a part of that change through my giving.” It may be small, it may be large, but I want to be a part of changing our world by giving this Christmas to the Coalition For Kids and making a difference for children.
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Let’s Keep in Touch!