Will it matter in 10 years?

img_0672My team and I have been placed with these precious lives to help them while it matters. We have been placed with the kids to give them a safe environment to keep trying their best. In ten or more years, it WILL matter that Mr. James went over the math problem until Jose got it right, and could understand how to re do the problem on his own. In ten or more years, it WILL matter that Ms. Allison sat with Alyssa every day, and listened to her read and re-read the only book she showed interest in, even though it was too difficult; she read with her until she could read it on her own. In ten or more years,it WILL matter that Ms. Jean sat with all of the children and shared her faith and how real God is to her. It WILL matter that she gave the kids opportunities to learn scriptures to store in their hearts. These are the moments that will matter, not a letter on the report card. I know by putting our all into what we do every day, we will change lives for the Glory of the Kingdom. These kids will remember these special moments as they grow and see more of the world. They will remember how they felt, how they were safe and loved, and how we share God’s love in everything we do.  ~Lessa Wilson, Site Director

James 3:18– “And the seed whose fruit is righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace.”