What an appetite!!

It’s National Pride in Food Service Week!

Good nutrition is a vital part of good grades. Eating healthy foods has SO many benefits for our young people (and older ones, too!)

A proper diet:

  • aids in our focus and concentration
  • helps us stay well = better attendance at school
  • better attendance = chance for better grades

What is staggering is the number of children in America that do NOT get proper nutrition and meals.

In America, a lack of physical activity and an unhealthy diet contribute to the obesity epidemic that affects nearly one in three kids. Of kids 2-18, only 40% eat enough fruit, and only 10% eat enough vegetables.*

The food program at Coalition For Kids not only sees that deficiency, but takes proactive steps to fill the need in our kids’ diet & nutrition.

Carefully planned menus are developed in accordance with federal guidelines by our Food Service Director, Shannon Barnett. Barnett is a trained chef, well-versed in making meals delicious & nutritious, and making snack-time enjoyable!

The result:

kids that are able to focus on their studies better, have more energy, and stay healthy. Over 80% of parents in America agree that they are satisfied with the healthy foods offered in afterschool programs. Our kids agree, too…but you will have to ask them between bites!


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