Taking a Moment

Kayleigh had been struggling for several days: not doing her homework, refusing to listen, and just seemed off from her normal, cheerful attitude. Miss Sierra, her Site Directors, took the opportunity to simply ask her, “What is going on?”
With tears in her eyes, she said, “I’ve been fighting so much with my best friend that last few days.” It may not be big in our sight, but in her eyes it’s huge! 
Taking the time to slow down and love on kids: giving them our undivided attention,  asking questions,  providing a fresh perspective and a safe environment for the kids to express their hurts, fears, and concerns…that is such a huge part of what we do.  By this, we can walk with them through their struggles, leading and teaching them how to handle difficult situations.
Kayleigh just needed someone to talk to and treat her situation with respect.  She was able to talk with her friend, work out their issues, and get back to her cheerful self…thanks to caring staff like Sierra just “taking a moment.”