Still feeling the Ripple Effect of KaBOOM!

Time flies!!! It’s already been a year since we completed our KaBOOM! playground. We started on a quiet, chilly Friday morning last November…then, like a rush, the subwoofers began to THUMP, stretching, calisthenics, people started dancing in unison, and KaBOOM!, we had the Opening Ceremony of Build Day.

261 Volunteers, 6 hours and a playground was built!

Without the participation of you and countless others, this $85,000 playground could not have happened. Many of you took a day off work and/or used a vacation day to give our children a fun and safe playspace.  Thank you!   Several months of planning took place prior to this day and with the help of our community…YOU, we have a playground at our new campus for our children to enjoy for years to come.

Statistics show that only one in four adolescents gets the recommended sixty minutes of physical activity or active play per day.  This translates into children who are increasingly unhappy, unhealthy and falling behind with children living in poverty at the greatest at risk for these concerns.  With approximately 90% of our Coalition children qualifying for free or reduced lunch in the school system therefore living at or below the poverty level, a solution to alleviate these statistics was paramount.  The C4K KaBoom! playground was envisioned as the solution and YOU helped make it a reality.  Thank you!

Our new home affords us the opportunity to more than double the number of children and families we serve.  Just think of how many children will enjoy this playground!  Thank you for knowing this is just not a playground but a space where life skills will be developed giving our Coalition children a chance to beat the odds of becoming a statistic.  Thank you!

And a BIG “Thank You ” to KaBOOM!, and the Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Tennessee Foundation for their generous gift & ongoing partnership!

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We still feel the after-shock…the ripple effect…of that great day, especially the kids!

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