Staying the course

Tommy struggles believing that he is good enough: good enough to make good grades, to make his parents proud, to succeed in life. Every Monday we worked on his spelling words, color-coding vowels & consonants. He always said, staring at the ground, “I can’t do this, I need help”. And every Monday I would say, “Yes you can, just try”.

After several weeks that all changed. As the other kids started their homework, Tommy opened his backpack, pulled his spelling words out, picked 2 colored markers, and starting working. After about 20 minutes he came rushing over to me with his paper, saying “Ms. Sierra, Ms. Sierra!” After looking he had separated all his words correctly…on his own! All of those Mondays, full of striving & hard work, had finally paid off! That is a moment that will stick with me forever.
~Sierra D., Site Director