SHOPPING 4 OTHERS: “YOU” made the Difference!


Shopping 4 Others remains a perfect way for our kids to experience Christ’s unconditional love…His goodness and His kindness through you. It was an amazing event and this special evening happened because you gave your time, your heart and your resources.

“Shopping For Others is such a wonderful opportunity to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child. I felt truly blessed to have been a small part of the meaningful work Coalition is doing in the lives of these precious children.”~ Jennifer, volunteer shopper

With the help of over 150 volunteers & staff, we were able to take 131 deserving kids Christmas shopping, not only for themselves, but they were able to pick out a gift for a loved one.

“Steven had one particular toy he was really hoping to find. When he couldn’t find it, he got a little down…but with help from other Coalition shoppers, they found one & brought it to him…he was SO DELIGHTED! Seeing kid’s eyes light up like that makes it all worth it!” ~Julie, volunteer shopper

Again, we are SO THANKFUL you helped make Christmas special for our Coalition kids! What a blessing we each received in seeing the wonder and excitement on the faces of our kids as they experienced the joy of Christmas…priceless!

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. 
~Matthew 6:21~
“I am always so blessed by this evening with the kids and it always seems to be the one event to really put me in the Christmas spirit.  I was touched this year by Gabriella’s generosity buying not one but three gifts for others.”~ Jamie, volunteer shopper

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