“Making Spirits Bright”: Shopping 4 Others-2016


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Why did Coalition decide to do this?
The initial brainstorm behind this project was our strong desire to give the children an opportunity to experience the true meaning of Christmas. Many times, children are so focused on the getting part of Christmas that they miss the beauty of giving. We were looking for a creative way to ensure that they were getting the things they truly need while giving them the opportunity to experience the magic of being the giver and blessing someone they love at Christmastime.

When and where will shopping be done?
Tuesday, December 13th, 2016 at the Browns Mill Road Wal-Mart

How long will the event take?
We estimate that it will take approximately 2-3 hours (5:15 pm to 8:30 pm).

Where will we meet?
Volunteers will meet at 5:15 pm in the gardening department.

Approximately how many children attend?
We would like to take at least 120 children. Depending on the number of scholarships we are able to raise, we hope to take as many as 150.

How do you choose which children participate?
Parents will complete Christmas Application Forms; these forms will be prioritized based on need. Additionally, we utilize the Charity Check website to verify families that may already be registered with other benevolent agencies to help avoid duplicating services.

What will be purchased?
Each child is required to purchase an outfit: shoes, socks & underwear, pants, a shirt, and a coat (only if needed), a small toy for themselves, and a gift for a family member.

How much $ will be allotted per child?
We would love to be able to spend $100 per child as we have done in years past.

To sponsor a child how much do we need to give?dscf0616crop
Any amount is fine. That is another beautiful aspect of this project. Those that have the financial resources are welcome to give as they are able. Those that have more time are able to volunteer and be a part of blessing someone else during the Christmas season.

Who do you think should come to shop with Coalition children?
We prefer adults (18 years or over) who are affiliated with a local business, organization, or church. We also request that volunteers not bring their own children with them, if possible. Some of our Coalition children are shy or uncomfortable around new children or may be embarrassed if they happen to know or attend school with a volunteer’s child.

How do I participate?
We would love for you to complete the S40 Volunteer Application and return it back to us by Monday, November 30th. You may mail it back, fax it or scan it and email it back to cyoung@coalitionforkids.org. Volunteers cannot participate with out an application. This allows us to complete a background check, which is discarded once clear. Even if you have completed a volunteer application previously, you must complete a new one to participate in this event.

Download the S4O Application


For more information contact:

Cindy Young, Director of Community Outreach

423-434-2031, ext 806