Seeing it another way


Kids learn in different ways, and sometimes “out-of-the-box” thinking helps motivate them in a way they can grasp. David, a fourth grader, was reading the same book over and over every day. He admitted to being embarrassed…that other books, including chapter books, were too just long for him to finish.

Jordan and Asia, two very creative Site Directors, decided to implement a few things to help all the third and fourth graders feel more confident with their assigned reading.

Each child was instructed to:

1. Set daily, believable goals they genuinely felt they could reach.
2. Daily track their own progress.
3. Mark books off their list as they are completed.
As David follows through on his personal goals and moves on to his next book, you can see the confidence building in his eyes as his reading continues to improve.

The kids look forward to celebrating both their individual and group reading accomplishments at the end of each semester! When children set goals that are attainable and believable, they begin to realize that what they thought was impossible really isn’t… it’s all in how they look at it…just ask David.