Reaping where you haven’t sown

IMG_9178Jacob has been a Coalition kid for some time now but this particular year began with some struggles.  Difficult behavior, slipping grades…not the best start.  But day by day, the Academic Tutor working with Jacob noticed improvement not only in Jacob’s behavior but also in his attitude towards homework.  End of the semester came and grades cards came out.  Jacob had a marked improvement in his grades!! 

Was it the Academic Tutor who sat beside Jacob encouraging him no matter what Jacob’s attitude was that day?  Was it the Site Director who looked Jacob in the eye and told him how important he was each and every day?  Was it a truth heard during Bible Study or prayer time or in a one-on-one conversation that just stuck with Jacob reminding him Jesus is bigger than anything he was facing?  YES, YES and YES!

Jacob’s Site Director, Ms. Sarah, said it best:  “Often we are simply planting the seeds but sometimes we get to see the harvest!”


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