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Your chance to win $10,000 AND change the world – one kid at a time!

$10,000 Reverse Raffle Drawing is being held on Thursday, October 1, 2020 with Live FB streaming!

(Our annual in-person Tailgate Party has been cancelled due to health & safety restrictions).

Raffle Tickets are $100 each 

Proceeds from this event will benefit our COVID-19 school year response. We will be collaborating with all schools, assisting each child with their zoom meeting and prospective teacher, homework assignments, mentoring, and providing meals each day. We will support approximately 150 children each day so that parents are able to work and the health and well-being of their children is being protected – All at no cost to the families!

We need your support now more than ever and we truly hope you will join us in

changing the world – one kid at a time!

Once schools re-open for in-person learning we will pivot back to an after school program with the understanding  that if the schools have to shift back to virtual learning at any point, we will pivot back to supporting these families during day-time hours.

Rules for the $10,000 Reverse Raffle

Grand Prize awarded to the last ticket drawn* (Max. 800 tickets sold)

Every 50th ticket drawn wins $125

Must be 18 years of age or older to participate in raffle

Winners will be notified by phone

*when 5 tickets remain in the raffle drum,  tickets will be reviewed to determine if any are noted “yes” willing to split the winnings.

If all are marked “Yes” – winnings will be split equally five ways

If any are marked “no” – all 5 tickets will return to the raffle drum & drawing will resume until the last ticket is drawn or all remaining ticket holders agree to split the winnings equally.

Not Eligible to purchase raffle tickets: Employees of Coalition For Kids, members of the Coalition For Kids Board of Directors or their immediate family members (spouse, child/stepchild, brother/ sister, in-law, parent, or grandparent) that reside in their home.  

If you have any questions or would like additional information contact Lisa Pawley at 423-434-2031 x835 or via email lpawley@coalitionforkids.org

Get your Reverse Raffle tickets now!

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