No Such Thing As “Typical”

img_3920cropWhen you think of a “typical” Coalition child, you probably picture a child that is struggling with their grades. Fortunately, in my time at Coalition I have learned there is no such thing as a “typical” child.  We are able to support those who are excelling and encourage them in their success. 
Aaron, one of our 6th graders, has had some important decisions to make this year. One day he decided to not come to Coalition and went home to hang out with his older brother instead. He was told by his parents that he had a choice to make: if he was going to skip going to Coalition, he would be pulled from the program so another child could take his place. He hasn’t missed a day since, and his grades continue to improve.
We very proud of Aaron and the choices he is making and we are blessed to be able to support him and cheer him on in his success.
~Sarah, Site Director
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