As parents, we know that it is harder to parent today than ever before. Our kids are bombarded by negative influences from peers, social media, television and the music industry.

Research tells us that EVERY kid needs 5 positive people in their lives outside of their families.

A mentor is one of those 5 positive influences in your student’s life. This individual will come alongside you to help your child be all that you want them to be. I had a mentor and my kids had a mentor. 


What is the definition of a mentor?

A one-on-one relationship where an adult serves as a role model to a youth.

A wise and trusted counselor; an influential sponsor or supporter.

To the middle-schooler,

It’s someone to hang out with and do stuff together… maybe something like a trip to Starbucks or for pizza or ice cream.

It’s a friend that helps you with homework and projects and helps you get through the messy stuff of middle school and life.

It’s a positive role model that wants to help you be all that God created you to be.


What does a mentoring relationship with my student look like?

The mentor will spend 1-2 hours a week with your student participating in a fun activity/outing.

The mentor will be a listening ear with positive feedback and guidance.

The mentor will encourage your student to make good choices.


Thank you for your interest in pouring yourself into the lives of & truly MENTORING, these beautiful children!
~Shelly Spann, Mentoring Coordinator


For more information on how YOU can MENTOR a Coalition Kid, please contact:

Shelly Spann

423-434-2031, ext 826

3 John 1:4 – I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.