Lunch Buddy

Current research suggests that children who have an adult mentor are 55% more likely to enroll in college and 130% more likely to hold a leadership position later in life. (The Mentor Effect, 2014) Additionally, mentoring also encourages positive social relationships and has a lasting impact on a child’s trust and communication skills. (The Role of Risk, 2013)
One day a week with a Lunch Buddy can make a big difference in a child’s life.
By spending just 30 minutes, one day a week at a child’s school sharing a meal, you will not only give them a friend & mentor, but the feeling you will get back from seeing their eyes light up, knowing that they are changing and growing, is a benefit that can not be measured, only experienced.

To find out how YOU can be a Lunch Buddy, contact:
Cindy Young, Director of Community Outreach

423-434-2031, ext 806