Annual Coalition For Kids Celebration Luncheon 2017

Walls were the protection afforded to the Israelites returning to Jerusalem after their captivity in Babylon.  The rebuilding of the temple walls would never have been completed had the protection of watchmen not been put in place to guard the workers.  Just two years ago, Coalition was gifted with this amazing new home and YOU have been the watchmen protecting our walls.  Thank you!  To continue and increase the work we’ve been called to do, the watchmen surrounding us must be increased as well.  The resources you have so generously shared give Coalition a foundation of protection and your willingness to share the story of what we are doing and why invites others to also be watchmen for our mission.
Join us for lunch on April 11, 12-1 and hear what you have made possible and what our future looks like.  Please contact Ramona Tevis, 434-2031, x803 for more information.

For more information, please email or call Ramona Tevis at 423-434-2031, ext 803.