No one wants to believe that it is happening—children robbed of their childhood through abuse, violence, addictions, hopelessness and having responsibility for themselves at an early age.

It is the tough reality, but there is a place of hope; a shelter from the dangerous storm. It is the Coalition For Kids.

Every afternoon, our buses and vans bring children from local schools to Kid City, a community center under the direction of the Coalition for Kids, Inc.

The Coalition is a non-profit organization with a mission to help children in need. Here they find a Safe Place, with professional tutors and a staff of volunteers.

C4K is not a daycare facility. After school Coalition children find:

  • Help with homework
  • Reading and math assistance
  • Music and art lessons
  • Athletics
  • Special preventive programs for violence and substance abuse
  • A free snack and dinner.

Through our Coalition staff and a network of volunteer counselors, we are eyewitnesses to something wonderful…lives changed, one child at a time.

Contact Us To Enroll

Call 1 (423) 434-2031