A Hunger for Reading

library-lovers-month-enewsFebruary is National Library Lover’s Month!

In our high-tech world of games tablets, and smart phones, creating a habit of reading with children is no easy task…but when you DO create that habit, it is is amazing to see it transform in to a LOVE of reading!

When Victoria, one of our site directors, decided to take her group of kids to the library, she was pleasantly surprised with what she saw unfold right before her eyes!

“While at the library, I was able to observe the children as they chose which books they would like to check out. Some of the children had never been to the public library, nor have they ever checked out a book. Reading is such an important skill that these children need to have, and it’s imperative that they have the resources they need to learn. So many times the children have been told to choose a book because it was required, but it gave us pure joy to be give some of our children their first opportunity to choose a book for fun.”

Studies have shown that children who can read on their level by the 3rd grade have a very high probability of graduating high school, going to college, staying healthy, and even increasing their lifetime income potential.*



“Letting the children choose their own books has made their reading time more enjoyable. We ended up checking out 18 books and the children have been asking to read them almost every day after their homework is completed. It is such an honor to serve at an impactful organization like the Coalition For Kids!”





*“Understanding and Improving Health in Appalachian Tennessee.”, 2016 by Dr Randolph Wykoff, MD, MPH & TM, founding Dean: College of Public Health at East Tennessee State University