We focus on parents, too. Evolving friendships with Coalition staff and volunteers are empowering parents of our kids to provide the support their children need.

Here are some examples:

Dear “Rock” Family,

Thank you very much for helping Karen. She is making great progress in reading. She is reading several books each week and is reading more independently. The help with homework is greatly appreciated.
a teacher from Cherokee Elementary

I am so glad that you all are there for these kids. For some of them, I pray that they will be back the next morning when they leave school because there is no telling what is at (their) home. I am very thankful for your program, you are some of our kids only chance.
a teacher from Fairmont Elementary

I would say that the Coalition saves our students. The students who attend the Coalition For Kids have a safe environment to get extra help with their homework, reading, supervised play and even have snacks and dinner. Our school’s successes are due in part from the partnership that Fairmont has maintained with The Coalition. We are confident when our students are at the Rock that we have a vital support system to help our students to be successful. When students are struggling at school, we communicate that to The Coalition personnel and they are able to respond to help make improvements. Additionally, students are able to build healthy relationships and mentors. Many of our students would not have supervision or food after school if they were not able to attend the Coalition. I fear that some of our students would definitely be in danger if they were not able to attend The Coalition. The Coalition staff works with our staff to allow students to stay for our tutoring and then come to The Coalition. They have always been willing to go the “extra mile” to help students. So, indeed The Coalition saves our students!
Carol McGill, Principal at Fairmont Elementary

To all the Supporters of the Coalition Program at North Side:
I cannot put into words the positive impact that The Coalition after school program has on over 55 students at North Side Elementary School. Our students have a need that is met every day because of the hard work of the Coalition and North Side staffs working together. It provides a structured, safe atmosphere for our students to complete homework, work on challenges and continue to refine their social skills. The Coalition staff is open and receptive to working with our teachers and truly love our students. Our North Side Coalition program is a win-win for all parties involved. Your support carries on a legacy of giving and mentoring that will not be bounded by time as these students grow up. Your efforts directly impact our region in a positive way. On behalf of our school community I say, “THANK YOU”!!!
Richard J. Church, Student Support at Indian Trail Middle School

We’re seeing results! Coalition For Kids works with many awesome kids and volunteers, and we’re hearing positive things about what we do here at The Rock Community Center.

Teachers tell us their Coalition Kids have seen improvement in grades, social skills are improving, and they are developing respect for authority in their schools.


If you would like to participate and get your youth involved in a wonderful life changing ministry please call Cindy Young, our Volunteer Coordinator at 423-434-2031.

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