Kids In Action

Kids In Action is an evening program that offers mentoring and free extracurricular activities to community children. The children served are fed a free dinner and then introduced to extracurricular activities such as:

  • Bible study
  • Sports
  • Boy and Girl Scout troop program
  • Dance
  • Computer literacy classes

KIA also offers special events such as:

  • Skill building in eight key areas:
    • goal setting
    • communication
    • decision making
    • conflict resolution
    • managing emotions
    • drug awareness
    • bonding and relationships
    • community involvement


All of the KIA programs provide general enrichment activities that many would not have the opportunity to participate in due to their current socioeconomic situation.

Since 1999, Kids in Action has grown from 40 students to 212 students.


Do you have a special talent or Hobby you would like to share?

If you have a special talent or hobby that you would like to share with our Coalition Kids, please call our Volunteer Coordinator, Cindy Young.


Contact Us To Enroll

Call 1 (423) 434-2031