Community Involvement

Getting involved in missions is not as complicated as most people believe. At its most essential core, a mission field is simply a place where the love of God is shared. It is the focal point, the root of a life changing movement that has been spanning the globe for centuries. The message of salvation was designed to be carried from person to person. Today, it is as real, relevant and compelling in small-town America as it is in the mountains of Romania or along the costal waters of Chile.

The mission field begins at home … in the community where you live … with the people God puts in your path everyday. At the Coalition For Kids we are impacting the lives of children and their families on a daily basis. This is an investment in our community. We are pouring ourselves into the lives of these children with the fervent desire not to simply impact their lives for a day … but for eternity.


Involving the community in our mission is essential to the strategic success of the Coalition For Kids. It takes everyone-staff, board members, teachers, churches, businesses, universities, civic organizations and individual volunteers-working together to reach the lost children and families of our community. Strengthening and maintaining this critical interconnectivity has yielded a tremendous abundance of resources for our organization. Nearly 70% of our annual budget comes through local channels. Hundreds of community supporters give of their time, talent and financial resources each year.

Change your world! Connect with a mission team that is changing lives

…right here in our community!

If you would like to participate and get your youth involved in a wonderful life changing ministry please call Cindy Young, our Volunteer Coordinator at 423-434-2031.

Download the Volunteer Application.